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Flexible solution

Our revolutionary application offers a dual solution for adapting to your preferences. On the one hand, it's available as a white label, offering complete customization in line with your corporate identity. You can seamlessly integrate our powerful technology into your ecosystem. On the other hand, we go a step further by offering direct access to our production site. This enables our customers to manage and personalize their experience on a dedicated platform, offering an additional option for those who prefer a shared approach while maintaining control over their environment. Whether you opt for extensive customization with our white label or access to our production site, our application adapts to your specific needs.


Our application offers unlimited customization to create a unique link between your company and the platform. Maintain multiple leagues, choose your sections and tailor the experience to your needs. Add sections for your stores, networks, even betting. Anything is possible to customize the experience to meet your specific requirements, establishing an authentic connection between your business and our solution.

Link between club and fans

Our commitment is to connect federations with their members in a meaningful way. Through customizable profiles in the distinct colors of each club, we create an immersive experience. Members have the freedom to personalize their profile according to their favorite club, strengthening their emotional bond. What's more, exclusive rewards are up for grabs, such as commemorative badges to celebrate club successes. This extensive personalization creates a genuine commitment, closely linking the federation, the clubs and their members.

Social experience

Immerse yourself in an immersive user experience with our real-time live chat, putting communication at your fingertips. What's more, our live feed lets users share unique moments with ease. Share photos, get likes, interact with other enthusiasts, and make every moment a collective celebration. We focus on a dynamic user experience, fostering connection and exchange at the heart of our platform, so that every user feels fully integrated into this captivating experience.